Soulful Portraiture for Your Home

I truly believe your story belongs to be cherished in the legacy of fine printed art

The world has changed, but what we cherish has not. Memories are a moment that is captured in time to remind us of the things we hold dear to our hearts. These memories are meant to be curated into something to be adorned.

My custom heirloom fine art pieces are meant to be displayed in your home, office, or barn to remind you of what is so loved and cherished in your world.

All items listed on this page come with an accompanying social media digital download.

All items do have additional sizes or custom details for purchase through live ordering sessions

Fine Art Prints

Mounted and Ready to Frame

Your portraits deserve the best!

These Fine Art prints are printed on acid-free, PH-neutral Matte paper and mounted for easy framing or stand-alone on any shelf!

Popular Sizes are below, custom sizes are available!

Mini -------- 125.00

Gift ---------- 205.00

Standard -------- 365.00

Mezzo -------- 525.00

Grand --------- 795.00

Showcase ---------- 995.00

Colossal -------- 1195.00

Framed Prints are the same cost as Heirloom Wall Art Below

15 Frames to Choose From!

Range of Print Sizes on Long Edge

Mini (5x7 - 8x10)

Gift (11x14 - 11x16)

Standard (12x18 - 16x20)

Mezzo (20x20 - 20x24)

Grand (24x24 -24x30)

Showcase (30x30 - 30x40)

Colossal (40x40 - 40x60)

Duplicate prints ordered at the same time - half off the original price


Custom Heirloom Albums

A true work of art

A hand-stitched heirloom album that is perfected by highly skilled artisans and printed on stunning Fine Art matte paper.  Thick rigid pages allow for a lay flat style that does not warp or fade over time.

Whether you love full-grain leather, natural fibers, crystal clear acrylic, or metals, we will design a one-of-a-kind piece hand in hand.  Both albums come in a beautiful display box which also can be customized to fit your decor!

Inner box Video Display is optional in the large album size.

2 sizes to choose from, these albums are sure to make a statement wherever they are displayed. Our heirloom albums stand the test of time and will be enjoyed for decades to come!

Each album includes up to 20 (8x8) 25 (16x12) 30 (16x12) images of your choice, with additional images purchased at a discounted rate. Complimentary social media-optimized digital images are included of each album image.

Petite 8x8 ------------- 1600.00

Statement 13x9.5 -------- 2100.00

Grand 16x12 --------- 3200.00

Additional 5 images ---- 450.00

Coming 2024 New Leather Storybook Album!


The Folio Box

Memories to be cherished

These beautiful boxes are stunning and come with a tempered glass window, an easy-to-change hero display ( the cover ) with a fully lined interior. These gorgeous displays come with a USB of all your images to be stored safely and for easy access.

Handmade from top quality and sustainably sourced American Walnut!

Choice in White, Black or Walnut!

2 sizes to choose from and can hold up to 30 beautifully matted fine art portraits to match your decor.

Folio Boxes start with 10 images for petite and 15 for the statement box

Petite 8x10 ------------- 1150.00

Statement 11x14 -------- 1755.00

Additional 5 images ---- 450.00

Print size in Matte

Petite 5x7 or 6x8

Statement 8x10 or 8x12


Heirloom Wall Art

Transform your portraits into beautiful art pieces for your home!

Your Choice of:

Metal * Acrylic * Canvas

All options come with a 1/4 - 1.5" frame panel with 9 color choices to match your decor!

Metal is a sleek modern piece with vibrant colors or detailed blacks with a clean and lasting finish! Water & Scratch resistant!

Acrylic is a new modern style with a crystal clear finish rich in details and a striking presence that is unmissable!

Canvas is a contemporary way to showcase your portraiture with beautiful classic hand-crafted art!

All are finished with choices from Maple to Linen in a wide choice of colors!

Popular Sizes are below, custom sizes are available!

Mini -------- 325.00

Gift ---------- 665.00

Standard -------- 995.00

Mezzo -------- 1225.00

Grand --------- 1755.00

Showcase ---------- 2855.00

Colossal -------- 3555.00

Range of Print Sizes on Long Edge

Mini (5x7 - 8x10)

Gift (11x14 - 11x16)

Standard (12x18 - 16x20)

Mezzo (20x20 - 20x24)

Grand (24x24 -24x30)

Showcase (30x30 - 30x40)

Colossal (40x40 - 40x60)

We do offer Leather for 75.00+


Framed Museum Canvas

Exceptional Quality a True Masterpiece Statement

Our museum-famed canvases are in a league of their own.

These handmade statement pieces are unlike any other canvases you have seen or felt before. They're so thick and durable that you can even clean them with windex or water!

Each canvas comes stretched tight as a drumhead with hand-painted clear acrylic brush stroking, a certificate of authenticity, and a custom canvas crate for safe traveling.

Click this link

to see the process and result of these one-of-a-kind works of Art

Gift ---------- 995.00

Standard -------- 1465.00

Mezzo -------- 1995.00

Grand --------- 2525.00

Showcase ---------- 4950.00

Colossal -------- 7995.00+

Range of Print Sizes on Long Edge

Gift (8x10 - 11x14)

Standard (12x18 - 16x20)

Mezzo (20x20 - 20x24)

Grand (24x24 -24x30)

Showcase (30x30 - 30x45)

Colossal (40x50 - 48x70+)

Gold Masterpiece frames extra 450.00

Long edge up to 100 inches (custom quotes)


Mega Mat Heirloom Prints

Luxurious 1/4" Mat for your decor!

White, Artic White or Black

These three-inch Matted prints are a statement by themselves!

These come ready to be framed and can add a V-groove for that elegant look!

These are large format and can go up to 38x48.

Popular Sizes are below, custom sizes are available!

Mini -------- 175.00

Gift ---------- 305.00

Standard -------- 565.00

Mezzo -------- 725.00

Showcase --------- 975.00

Giant ---------- 1305.00

Range of Print Sizes on Long Edge

Mini (5x7 - 8x10) with Mat up to 12x14

Gift (11x14 - 11x16) with Mat up to 15x20

Standard (16x20 - 16x24) with Mat up to 23.5x31.5

Mezzo (20x20 - 20x24) with Mat up to 27.5x31.5

Showcase (24x24 -24x30) with Mat up to 31.5x37.5

Giant (30x30 - 30x40) with Mat up to 38x48


Heirloom Float Frames

Fine Art Print or Metal

Make a statement with this timeless piece!

An open frame encompasses your portrait with a gap between the handcrafted frame and image creating the floating illusion of your portrait!

12 frames and classic colors to adorn your home!

Mini -------- 325.00

Gift ---------- 665.00

Standard -------- 995.00

Mezzo -------- 1225.00

Grand --------- 1755.00

Showcase ---------- 2855.00

Colossal -------- 3555.00


Acrylic Blocks

Crystal Clear 1-inch Acrylic

These beautiful Blocks have a contemporary and modern look.

Rich colors and details are made to last for years!

A favorite for the home or office!

4x6 -------- 125.00

5x7 ---------- 155.00

8x8 -------- 250.00

8x10 ---------- 325.00

Buy three and get 15% off


Greeting Cards

An honored tradition of handwritten cards to

bring cheer to those you love!

Your photos in classic and professional designs that come with white envelopes. Many options are foil-pressed to make an impression!

Customization is available and many designs to choose from!

Come in sets of 25

5x7 -------- 55.00

Portrait must be purchased before cards are ordered


Other Items

Fun items for Holiday or Gifts

These items are offered at ordering sessions or through a gallery.

Price is based on portrait print or digital already ordered.

Bamboo Ornaments -------- 55.00

Metal Ornaments --------- 45.00


5x7 Metal Table Top --------- 65.00

8x10 Metal Table Top -------- 120.00

20% off 3 or more!


Digital Files

Your Files to be Shared

All purchases come with a social media-optimized digital download that comes with a limited (personal) print release. All limited digitals come with a complimentary up to 8x10 fine art print.

1 image ----- 125.00

5 images ----- 450.00

8 images ----- 755.00

15 images ----- 1355.00

20 images ----- 1600.00

All in Gallery up to 55 ---- 3500.00

High-resolution digital images with full personal print release are something we are happy to offer!

We do suggest you print through us as we use labs only accessible to professional legal portrait artists.

(High-resolution digitals are for personal use only)

1 image ----- 250.00

5 images ----- 995.00

10 images ----- 2055.00

15 images ----- 2655.00

All in Gallery up to 45 --- 5500.00


Thank You!

You make the world a better place

All products are subject to Kentukcy 6% sales tax.

Tax and shipping fees are not included in above prices and will be applied upon ordering.

Fine Art sales are non refundable once orders have been approved and production has started.

For questions on customization or product details, please contact Jessie!

I look forward to our ordering session so we can create beautiful art together!

Other items and nonmounted gift prints can be ordered through your private gallery up to 1 yr after initial ordering session!

Please reach out anytime at 563-424-0374


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