The Story -

I am an avid horse woman who has been riding, competing and working with horses before I can even remember! My dad always tells people I was riding before I was walking!

That picture on this page - yup that's me! I was living it up at camp Se-Sa-Ma-Ca in Raymond NH in the 80s on my favorite pony Margarine!

Photo credit to 📸 my dad!

My passion is capturing the joy animals bring into your life, the emotion and the magic bond of horse and rider! Horses are our greatest healers and teachers I have ever known. Equines have changed history, humanity, and continue to capture our hearts. It is my honor to capture that magic moment for you!

Jessie Collins Photography, LLC specializes in equine photography and marketing, but offers a wide variety of photography to make your dreams and ideas come true! We also do pets, sales, business branding and are licensed and insured drone pilots!

I truly feel that animals make the our souls shine, and capturing that special magic is my true calling and passion!

My background is diverse, and in each chapter there has always been a horse there to show me the way! I have over 20 years working in video production, graphic arts, marketing and photography. From the New York Times Broadcast Corp creative services to owning my own specialized mobile equine production company, Equis Productions; my unique and diverse background allows me to curate amazing and timeless photo art for you!

I cannot wait to make magic happen together!

Cheers ~ Jessie