Sunlight Matters

When your next session needs to be dreamy, sunset is your best friend!

When a client calls about creating their dream session you want to ask the right questions to make sure we shoot for what their vision is and the style needed to work with the art that will be created for their home or office.

If they want that dreamy golden kissed sky, with a silky film feel and silhouettes to make the soul shine - sunset is just right.

It's not just about the golden hour but all the soft creamy light that starts about two hours before the sun says goodbye for the night. When we do a dream session we take note of where the horizon is, the position of the sun, and the landscape and make a plan as the sunlight fades into night.

Once the portraits are planned based on location, outfits, and animals we begin the magic!

When the light is highest we start with Fine Art portraits like black or white backgrounds, studio work, and all the fun things that can create an amazing album to be cherished for decades.

For an equine session, we make sure that the horses are nice and clean and the flies stay away by using my favorite spray of all time by Espana silk!

Stunning Sunlight

Creating the perfect image for your clients can be done with just the natural light of the sun, but a flash can help in certain situations to create even tones on the skin or a reflector can add a golden touch and even out shadows if you are in an open area with little shade. We use both natural light and the use of flash to create stunning images.

One of my favorite times is right before the sun dips below the horizon and provides a glow around the subject to create whimsical and soulful art. This is achieved by setting up the subject with their back facing the sunlight. This created the rim around the subject and allows you to position them to allow spill to create the mood and light your want.

One of my favorite apps I use to check out a location and plan my shoot before I ever arrive is SunCalc and it can be used on Android or an iPhone and downloaded to your phone. It uses satellite images so you can study a location and already have a plane to guide your client to the perfect location based on sunlight.

There is a lot of planning that goes into a session that starts with an idea. Knowing how the sun will affect your portraits and how the light changes over the session time can help you create a flow to create images that create a visual story and create timeless cherished memories.

Ready to book your own dream session? Let's talk and create a plan for your own vision!

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